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Kevin Robert Martin: No Mastermind, All Myth

Note: This was written before the POV results and I am far too lazy to rewrite any parts of it.

For anyone who has followed me on Twitter, it is no secret that I am a diehard Demika fan. My love for Ika goes all the way back to Season 2 and I will most likely always be a big fan of hers. Despite this, I have also been very vocal and critical of Ika’s game and I do not mince words when she is doing dumb things.  My only other blog entry this season includes the phrase “Ika is never winning Big Brother!” or something close to that. My belief has been that Ika’s mouth is going to keep her from winning it all. Whether she uses that mouth to read a bitch and snatch ha ass bald, to throw too many people under the bus to each other, to tell the POV holder to shove the POV up his ass, or to tell the jury to kiss her royal ass, Ika is that hothead who should never have a shot in hell of winning a social game like Big Brother.

But, somehow Ika Wong has made it to the Final 4!

bitch what

As it turns out, Ika’s greatest flaw is also her best asset and she was able to put that to good use throughout the season.

Anyway, I say all of this to say that you CAN be critical of your fav’s game. It doesn’t make you a bad fan if you point out their flaws, it just makes you honest!

It has been nothing less than frustrating to see fans & alumni downplay and make excuses for the bad gameplay of Kevin Martin.  The edit he has been given does not help because it has given casual fans the impression that Kevin Martin was the only real strategist left after Bruno’s eviction while, in fact, he was probably the worst strategist left in the house – and YES, I am including Karen in this.

Kevin Martin’s edit has been, “this is me using my brain to smartly figure out strategy stuffs.”Conversely, as a comparison, Ika’s edit leans towards ruling by intimidation, attitude and emotions.  Such edits lead to tweets like:

Sweet darling, casual viewer, Ika has been playing the game since she walked through the door. Just remember that Ika and Sindy had a very rocky relationship walking into the house and that Ika managed to get that very same Sindy to take out one of the biggest threats to her game – Neda.

Since some fans/alumni seem to think that Kevin Martin’s gameplay is indicative of playing a game under the radar (one of their favorite excuses for his ineffectiveness ), I am taking it upon myself to breakdown Kevin’s game, his actions, and why he does not deserve to be considered a Big Brother Mastermind on ANY planet.

To start, I want to say that I DO NOT dislike or hate Kevin Robert Martin as a human person. He has a generally dry, uninteresting personality, IMO, but that is not a reason to dislike anyone. And I certainly do not care that he played William.

shrug i dont care idc

I just don’t give a fuck!

Now, I am going to break this down week by week because I think that this is the best way to showcase Kevin Martin’s ineffectiveness and poor decision making, which goes far far beyond “flying under the radar.”


Naturally, week one is hard to judge because we do not have feeds, which is quite simply A TRAVESTY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. What we DO know about week one is that both Kevin Martin and Bruno were on the wrong side of the vote. That week sparked Karen’s extreme dislike for Kevin Martin and that has been a relationship he hasn’t been able to repair, or even really attempted to repair.

Week two could have further been bad for Brevin if their greatest nemesis and favorite target, Ika Wong, did not help to smooth things over with Demetres (the new HOH) by inviting him into their vet alliance

Week One & Two Summary: Kevin Martin made an enemy of Karen. He also joined an alliance with people who were willing to protect him – great move!


Kevin Martin remained a nonfactor in determining the direction of the game flew under the radar some more. Neda was HOH, so there was not anything he needed to do to stay off the block.   His, and Bruno’s, strategizing involved discussing targeting Demika – the duo that kept Bruno and Kevin safe the week before.

While Ika was doing/saying things like:

Kevin Martin and Bruno were saying things like:

Of course, at some point, you want to target duos but Brevin made it too obvious that that was what they were doing and way too early. That giant hint was dropped when Kevin Martin, Bruno and Neda said that they would not nominate Demily – Demika’s biggest threat at the time – if they won HOH, even though Demika were taking out potential allies to protect The Six.  That signaled to Ika and Demetres that they were at the bottom of their alliance. At that point, many Demika fans wanted them to flip and keep Cassandra so that they roll with her, The French Connection and Gary.

Week Three Summary: Kevin Martin makes himself a target of the people who protected him/kept him off the block the week before – bad move!


As previously planned, Kevin Martin, Bruno and Neda did not vote to nominate Demika’s biggest threats – Demily –  during backwards week, and instead protected them.

Kevin Martin continued not making or repairing relationships and connections with enough people to protect him later in the game flying under the radar.

Kevin Martin’s best game move of Week Four:

Week Four Summary: Kevin Martin flies under the radar and make goo-goo eyes at William.


William was HOH and that should have been a week as easy as a Neda HOH for Kevin Martin. But, after badly managing his “side alliance” with Demily, in an attempt to save herself, Emily hatched a plan with Karen to drive a wedge between William and Kevin Martin. Hearing that Kevin Martin regarded him as just his boy-toy, William decided to flip the script, successfully convincing Kevin Martin to use the Power of Veto. William did this by telling him that he planned to renom Jackie. If it was not for Bruno, Ika and Neda telling him NOT to use the POV, Kevin Martin would have used the POV and his #1 ally would have been backdoored.

To reiterate – Kevin Robert Martin got played by WILLIAM.  BY – W I L L I A M!!! The guy who couldn’t figure if he was playing Big Brother or just a really intense season of The Bachelor.

Week Five was a double, so we got a double dose of ineffectiveness from that Kevin Martin.

With his 2nd closest ally in danger, Neda, Kevin did not do anything to try to save her; nothing to assist Bruno in talking Sindy out of the move. (Maybe that is who Sindy meant didn’t try to stop her from nominating Neda. Lulz) Instead, he stood by passively and watched as she walked out the door…

Week Five Summary: Kevin  Martin got played by the guy crushing on him and didn’t try to save one ally from eviction at the hands of another ally. Flying under that radar… That Kevin Martin.


Because, somehow, Kevin Martin and Bruno believed that it was a good idea to make a deal and give HOH to the guy who was JUST nominated by Sindy hours earlier and who they JUST failed to try to keep off the block the week before, we ended up with a Dillon HOH. In one of the brightest moves of the season, they made this deal with two other people STILL in the competition, thus leaving only five people available for the block that week. Karen was never going up – that left FOUR options for the block – one of which was SINDY. (You know that girl who JUST nominated Dillon???)

Brevin totally failed to convey to Sindy that they still wanted to target Demika despite getting together earlier in the night to say that The Five would continue to move forward together. Sindy, still wanting the alliance to work, pushed for Demetres to be put up with Jackie so that they would have the numbers to save Demetres. While there is a BIG CHANCE that Dillon would have still nominated Demetres and Jackie, the fact that they did not get Sindy on board before pushing a Dem/Ika side-by-side nomination was a huge misstep because that was one less person pushing for the Demika nomination.

Remember how there were only four options for the block after Brevin made that deal with Dillon with TWO WHOLE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS still left in the comp? Right. Demetres won POV, so who was left to nominate? That’s right! SINDY AND IKA!!  Guess who Karen, sworn enemy of that Kevin Martin, wanted to keep? If your answer was, “NOT Kevin Martin’s season 3 ally,” YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!

Having decided to wage a full on war on Demika, and having convinced Sindy to attack Demika with them, Bruno and Kevin Martin unsuccessfully tried to get Ika put up as the replacement nominee. That was quite shocking given they did such a great job of convincing Dillon to put Demika up together in the first place.  After this failure, they continued to campaign against Ika when JACKIE was on the block. By the time Sindy realized how bad the strategy Bruno and Kevin Martin gave her, and accepted that she needed to go through Demika to save herself, it was way too late. Ika can be convincing, but she can’t be THAT convincing on THAT short of a notice.

Week Six Summary: image1


DEMETRE IS HOH AGAIN!! Uh oh… That’s not so great for Kevin Martin because he and Bruno had just spent the previous week trying to get him and then Ika evicted! Whatever will they do???

Bruno came up with the most logical strategy/plan of his entire Big Brother career – “We are down to three veterans, you need me and Kevin as a shield.” While this was very true, there simply was no trust between the duos.  The trust tank was on ‘E’… running on fumes! Which was warranted since, in private, both Bruno and Kevin Martin agreed that, EVEN IF THEY ARE SAVED, they needed to target Demika the following week.

So up on the block Brevin a’go!

Kevin Martin was the target that week but, thanks to one of his very very very VERY few good game moves this season (allowing himself to be occasionally pawed), Kevin was saved from the block by William, who used his secret Power of Veto on him. This secret Power of Veto was used on Kevin Martin after he told William NOT to use the Power of Veto he won on him. Yes… Kevin told William, his boy toy, his side piece, to NOT use the POV on him, although he had no clue that the 2nd POV existed. Kevin Martin would get evicted that week, if he remained on the block, BUT HE TOLD WILLIAM NOT TO USE THE POV ON HIM! I feel like I cannot emphasis this enough. What part of “flying under the radar” game is that??

Brevin also refused to plainly lay out the fact that Dre was actively targeting Demika to Demika. Not hint at it, not hypothesize about it, not suggest it, but TELL them that Dre wanted Demetres out prior to him winning the POV the week before. Brevin wanted Demika to save them, but still would not offer them new information that would incentivize them to keep Brevin in the house.  I suspect that the reason they did not want to tell them more about Dre is that they still wanted her to target them.

At any rate, Karen was the renom and, despite what her delusions told her, Bruno was the target. Bruno went to jury.

Week Seven: Kevin Martin fails to save another ally and tells his boy toy to not use the POV on him.


Kevin Robert Martin wins HOH! Uh oh, Demika!!

At this point, Kevin Martin was next to being alone in the game and realized that nominating Demika was going to just be doing the dirty work for the five remaining newblettes. He also realized that Demika would be a target/shield for him as a duo vs him and William as a duo. This naturally meant that his nominees should be Ika and Demetres…

blink speechless

After Demetres won the POV, Kevin Martin claimed that he threw it AND that he did not throw it, both, and that he WANTED Demetres to come off the block. He then made an alliance with Demika that he had no intentions of sticking to and just wanted to use to get through what they thought was going to be a double eviction. So, bye bye Taylor Swift Jackie!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Boy-Toy was getting his game blown up and destroyed by a turnip turning up all over herself, and Demika was getting closer to Karen and Dillon.

That was NOT good… Because it was not just a double eviction, IT WAS A TRIPLE EVICTION!! And guess who won HOH? Not Turnip, Not Boy-Toy but DEMETRES!!! The guy that Kevin Martin had just nominated for eviction the week before! Since Karen and Dillon saved Demika that week, Demetres made the choice to nominate Kevin Martin alongside Boy-Toy and Turnip. Luckily for Kevin Martin, Demetres could not play in the POV because of the 6 person POV limit … or something. So Kevin Martin won that POV and saved himself from repeating his season 3 fate. Good for you Kevin Martin! Not so good for Boy-Toy and Turnip. Au revoir, French Connection!

Week Eight Summary:  Kevin Martin evicted Jackie, failed to save his last remaining ally from falling victim to the turn up, and won a comp to save himself from eviction.


Uh oh, Kevin is HOH again!! Naturally, this meant that Demika were FINALLY going to be split up. Right??


At this point, Demika knew there was nothing they could do to save themselves from the block, so they did not even bother to try. Once they lost the POV, their natural assumption was that they were doomed and that one of them would be leaving that week.

NOT SO FAST, PEOPLE! The mastermind is masterminding!

Baffling everyone, Kevin used the Power of Veto on Ika and nominated DILLON in her place.


Kevin Martin nominated DILLON in Ika’s place.


I SAID Kevin Martin nominated DILLON in place of Ika!!

Yes, that Kevin Martin decided to put the choice of who got evicted into the hands of a woman who has made it known, since week one, that she is not a fan of his or the way that he plays the game. In this regard, Kevin’s Season 3 mastermind edit did him no favors because that edit, coupled with him trying to flip the votes during Karen’s HOH, created the perception that he was untrustworthy. Karen is not a feeds watcher and the real life Kevin Martin is considerably different than the editing room Kevin Martin.

Of course, in the game of Big Brother, being deceptive is a natural part of it. The thing is that you cannot APPEAR as if you are lying. Ika is a good example of someone who lies believably. Despite the fact that she has told her share of lies, she managed to convince people that she is “real.”

Karen ACTIVELY worked against Kevin to tear his game down with turning William against him with the “boy-toy” comment, making sure Sindy was taken from him as a number,  bad mouthing him to anyone who would listen, and successfully turning Dillon fully against him and Bruno. Karen put in WORK, and Kevin knows all about it! But, still, he decided to use the veto on Ika and put up DILLON in her place!


I’m not doing this again… Lil Jon Dave Chappelle!!

So, with the power gifted to a woman he KNOWS has been against him all game, Kevin Martin failed in his 2nd attempt to break Demika up, and Dillon was the casualty.

Kevin Martin fans want to lay the blame of this failure at Karen’s feet, but Karen could not have voted Dillon out if he was not on the block. Karen could not have voted if SHE was on the block. Call Karen stupid, if you must, but stupidity would be if she thought that keeping Demetres would be the best way to get to the final 2. She doesn’t.

Let me tell you about “stupidity.”

Stupidity is the belief that Dillon was the best renom option when the same exact logic Kevin Martin used to say that Karen would never vote Dillon out could be applied in reverse. If Karen would never vote out Dillon, then it follows that Dillon would never vote out Karen.

Stupidity is Kevin Martin not realizing that Dillon had the same exact incentive to want Demetres out as he did – Demetres was a comp threat AND Demetres was never taking him to the Final 2.

Stupidity is not trying to properly assess, through conversations, what people would do if put in the position to cast a game-changing vote. Not only did he not listen to Karen when she said she COULD vote out Dillon if he was on the block next to Demetres, he also did not try to determine if Dillon saw Demetres as someone who was as big of a threat to his end game as he did.

I understand that houseguests can’t see what we see… But these are things that someone who wants to be regarded, whose fans want to regard, as a mastermind should see because the evidence was all around him. Maybe if he spent less time trying to make “good TV” and creating content for the show’s edit, he could have found his way to this obvious game move.

Week Nine Summary:  Kevin Martin relinquished his power to Karen.

Week Ten:

This week has yet to conclude, but Demetres has won his way into the Final 3. Even if Kevin Martin wins this POV, he has to go up against the biggest comp beast in BB Canada’s history. He can, and has, beaten him in the past, so it is not impossible. But, this is definitely not what he wanted.

Week Ten Summary: To be determined…

And with that, we conclude my week by week breakdown of Kevin’s abysmal Big Brother gameplay.

If Kevin manages to win out and take Karen to the Final 2, it will not be because he has played a strong, strategically sound game. It will be because the week that he was going to be evicted, Boy-Toy saved his hide and he managed to win the rest of the comps he needs to win.

Kevin Martin, the player, did not save one single solitary ally throughout the game – not one.  Mark, Neda, Sindy, & Bruno all were evicted their FIRST times on the block. His read on the house has been consistently bad – which led to the Dillon nomination last week. He followed Bruno’s bad advice time and time again, and that advice has put him in a place where he has had no choice but to win out. Bruno even stated that Kevin Martin going against Demika, right after his eviction, probably was not the best strategy, but that is the strategy he left Kevin Martin with, anyway and Kevin Martin followed through with it. This is all just bad gameplay.

Prior to the comp wins (which have saved him from eviction) nothing Kevin Martin has done in this game could even be labeled as “good,” let alone great, and certainly not the actions of a mastermind. But, you wouldn’t know that from the edit. From the edit, you would think that Kevin is the most logical person in the house and now we have people referring to him as the “ultimate underdog.” We have people trying to make a case as to why Kevin Martin deserves to win JUST AS MUCH AS people who have actually played the game, strategically, 10 times better than he has.

Kevin Martin is an underdog of his own making. His own choices have led him to a place where he is alone in the game. That is not the kind of underdog I find worthy of rooting for, nor do I believe he deserves to be more highly praised than people who made choices that positioned themselves better in the game, JUST because his bad game play has left him alone.

Ika saved Bruno several times. She did this by getting him in an alliance with the HOH he had just voted to evict and made sure that The French Connection did not put him up as an initial nominee and that they COULDN’T put him up as a renom. This saved an ally that Kevin Martin’s CHOICE would have had evicted. But, even though they recognized that Ika was putting in work to keep them safe, all Brevin could do was paint targets on her back. What a difference it could have made for Brevin’s game if they would have recognized the value of having Demika in their corner. They could have used Ika’s social prowess and Demetres comp wins to go far… but they were playing WEEKS ahead of themselves. These were all CHOICES that they made. BAD choices!

I learned early on that Big Brother is not a “fair” game. The people who put in the most work oftentimes do not win. It is very possible that Kevin can win his way to the Final 2. He will take Karen and most likely win.  That is the nature of the game they are playing. But, Kevin fans, please be honest. Kevin has not played a good strategic game and there are no arguments that can be made to refute this. He did not PLAN to be the last surviving member of his core alliance by the final 8. He didn’t PLAN to have to win out from the final 8 in order to get to the final 2. This wasn’t by design, this wasn’t his strategy. It is not a strategy that anyone would ever actively try to put into play because any strategy that requires you to go on a comp winning streak, in order to survive, while there are SEVEN other people left in the house, IS NOT A GOOD STRATEGY.

Kevin Martin is a mastermind in edit only so, naturally, if he wins this will leave this Demika fan very disappointed. Comp beasting aside, Demetres has been with Ika every step of the way making decisions TOGETHER as a team. Together they saved people and/or evicted people. They controlled the fates of many of the houseguests and largely remained safe, even when they were not in power. In addition, while Ika’s style of gameplay has kept both fans and haters, alike, on the edges of our seats and,  she saved the season from being a dry, dull predictable march towards Bruno, Neda or Kevin being crowned winner of Big Brother Canada Season 5. Her presence has made this one of the most entertaining seasons of Big Brother in recent years! So, of course, we Ika fans would love for her to be rewarded in the end with at least Final 2. Unfortunately, Ika suck at comps this season and that may prove to be her ultimate downfall.

If you still don’t believe me when I say that Kevin has played a horrible strategic AND social game, there is a video of Kevin Martin floating around when he himself states that his game has not been as good as Demika’s. If you can’t accept the words of a non-Kevin fan, you should at least be able to accept the words of your fav.

ATEOTD, as fans, we are all allowed to root for whomever we wish to root for, for any reason we wish to. You can stan someone who sucks at comps, who suck at strategizing, who sucks at socializing, who sucks at breathing, who continuously plays the victim, whatever! All I wish is that people would at least be HONEST about the games their fav’s are playing.


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