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Unpopular Opinion Alert – I am not mad at Loveita’s nominees.

Unpopular Opinion Alert – I am not mad at Loveita’s nominees (anymore).

is that so

I know, I knoooow!! I know what you are saying in your Aussie mixed with English tinged Canadian accents, “But Kraziler, she should ‘ave put up the 3rd Wheel alliance! They put ‘er on the block AND got ‘er bestie of two weeks evicted from the game; they are horrid people… especially that Kelsey and that Rail!! THEY ‘AVE GOT TO GO-O!!”

I get it! I was mad too! But…

…But, honestly, when you are in a game with a house full of people who hate you on a level so irrational that it almost makes Donald Drumpf supporters look sane, it is actually kind of hard to mess up your nominations too much.  Of all the people she could have nominated, Christine and Cassandra were not her BEST options, but they definitely were not her worst. She had one side wanting Dallas and Maddy up, and the other wanting Kelsey and Jared/Rail up.   She decided to not pick sides and go with people she deemed as being lower risk to her personal game.

Firstly – Let’s look at the facts – Loveita is not good at Big Brothering. She just isn’t. She has no social skills and thinks it is a game that should be played based on honesty and integrity, where people should be able to put their cards out on the table with no hard feelings. But even in that, she failed because she gave Cassandra and Christine no heads up that they were going to go on the block. She actually told Cassandra that she had nothing to worry about and that she was good, so it was a total blindside. Personally, I don’t think you have to tell people you are putting them up, and let’s be honest, as fans we LOVE when people are blindsided. But, Loveita cannot have it both ways. You cannot pride yourself on Never Telling a Lie and then lie. If you want your word to be regarded as golden, and that is your “thing” in the game, then you actually have to stick to it.  She did not do that, yet is still going around saying that she did.


Another fact is that Cassandra is not really Loveita’s friend. Everyone knows that when she said, “Great, that stupid/dumb bitch won HOH again,” she was not kidding. This girl has spent the entire time the feeds have been up bashing Loveita behind her back. Yes, she kept Loveita, but she really only kept her because she thought she could control her better than Sharry. She thinks she is a mastermind, and it is kind of cute, really.  But, Loveita is marching to the beat of her own morality driven drum. She has her own rhymes and she has her own reasons and she even has the beanies the match.

Loveita is also being a tad spiteful; let’s just be honest about it. In week one, when she said it would be a good idea to stop to the showmance before it got rolling, people balked at it. Christine said she did not like the way Sharry spoke to her and Cassandra didn’t want to vote their way either. So, Kelsey stayed. This left Sharry and Loveita targets for Jared who Loveita never targeted in the first place, but he had to go after the people who went after his girl of 2 hours. Fine, that’s the game. Christine was also totally graceless about not using the POV on Sharry and Loveita, not even pretending to entertain the idea. It is her right not to use the POV, but in the game of Big Brother, there is also a way that you do things to make people think that you at least care. Christine has not made it a secret that she hates Loveita and she hated Sharry. OK, that’s fine. But, now you are on the block. In that regard, Christine lacks the same SOCIAL graces that Loveita lacks. And, now… You are on the block…

Loveita also does not want to do the job of taking out people for others in the house, and honestly, that is a legitimate position. If 3rd Wheel wants Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey out, then they need to win and take them out. If Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey wants 3rd Wheel out, then they need to win their own HOH and take them out. Typically, that is how Big Brother works. People take out the person they deem to be the greatest threat to their personal game.  In her own way, Loveita probably thought she was somehow saving the house from the showmance and that she was doing this for not just her, but everyone. So, since that did not work, she is now doing what she wants to do and doing it for herself and not others.

shrug 2

You all have to remember that all of these people pretty much treated Loveita like shit during her time on the block. Yes, they kept her but they had to keep one. It is not like they kept her because they loved her. That was a failure on their part. When you know who you are keeping, PLAY NICE because they may actually win HOH again. DUH. Ultimately, Loveita knows they kept her to go after 3rd Wheel and she decided that she was not going to be their tool. And, yes, she actually said this aloud. She knows that is why they kept her. And MAAAYBE she is a little bitter about it.  #spitefulnessonfleekandiloveit

Then there is the Tim factor. I know you Canucks love your Timmy! (And believe me, he has kept me quite entertained as well…) But, you know he is a big reason that Loveita felt better about putting Cassandra on the block, right? Loveita is an over thinker and Big Brother gave her all freaking day to over think who the hell she was going to place on the block. So, in comes Tim all goofy and jolly and ready to stir the pot in his evil charismatic curly blonde Aussie way… and when Loveita said that she was thinking of putting Cassandra on the block, did he try to walk her back from the idea? Nosirree bob! In fact, he said that he was at risk of falling in love with the rudely crass old bugger and that he would gladly VOTE HER OUT himself!  He said he is not playing a vengeful type of Big Brother where, if Loveita takes out Cassandra, he will in turn come after her.


Tim also, in a way, confirmed that Cassandra’s “stupid bitch” comment was not a joke. It was in that moment that my heart sank because, although in denial, it knew that twas when Loveita decided that Cassandra and Christine were going to take a wee trip to the nomination chairs.

So, let’s look at Loveita’s options – FROM HER PESPECTIVE – not ours, we who have ALL THE INFOS, but HER perspective.

She has 3rd Wheel who consists of THREE people. TWO of those THREE people will still exist after the eviction.

Then there option two – Cassandra, who seems to be closest to Tim, but does not really seem to have a real alliance because she just bounces from group to group playing all sides against one another. Tim is not a factor, based on his own words, so that is ONE person.

Then there is Christine, who also does not seem to have an alliance… because she doesn’t. How do you have an alliance when you stay in bed all day? It just does not happen.   (OK, yes, I know McCranda, but whatever!) That is ONE person.

So, Loveita is hearing that IF she puts up 3rd Wheel, 100%, those TWO people are coming after her. But if she puts up Christine and Cassandra, the only person who is going to come after her is the ONE person who survives the block. ONE person after you is better than TWO persons any day… Amiright? AMIRIGHT???

And that is #LoveitaLogic.

What Loveita did not consider, however, is how mad 3rd Wheel would be that she did not put up Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey or vice versa. What she did not consider is that the move comes across as irrational and crazy because, in the game of Big Brother, this is just not something people do. Especially when you are saving the very same people who, as you are making your decision, are off in another room saying, “Just play along, we will get her out next week!”

This move also calls into question what another Loveita HOH would look like, which means that people who may not have targeted her next week would consider getting her out because they just don’t know if they would be on her radar next time. It is not like she has not proven she could win comps, crapshoot aside.

That said, let me play the OPTIMIST for a minute!

happy-twins (1)


Jared is proving to be a relatively level headed person amongst many many hot tempered people and he has recognized that he can weaponize Loveita to his advantage. He has already told Rail he would not go after her the next few weeks. That could change, but… maybe not.  Kelsey has said time and time again that Jared is not the boss of her, so a Kelsey HOH can definitely result in a Loveita eviction, but she seems to have her eyes set on Maddy at the moment. I could see her putting up Loveita and Maddy, although Jared may try to talk her out of it.

Continuing the optimism, technically, there is no reason for Mitch, Joel, 3rd Wheel, Dallas/Maddy/Ramsey, the brothers or Nikki to go after Loveita OVER people who can actually win the game next week. Many of them hate her, but she is not actually after them or their games. Tim WOULD have wanted to keep her there to cause chaos, but she has recently learned that he has been talking about her behind her back and she complained about him to Nikki OF ALL PEOPLE so I suspect that position will change quite soon. Hell, Big Brother will help Tim get Lov out if they have to!

Ultimately, Loveita CANNOT win Big Brother, which is the biggest argument she has to get dragged to the end. This group has all the markings of the bitterest jury in Big Brother history so she can TRY to use that to her advantage.

ATEOTD, in true Gemini form, the Pessimist in me has to rear its ugly head and say that I predict Loveita’s time in the #BBCAN4 house ends the week of the Instant Eviction.

I know the vast majority of the fandom, especially the super fandom is extremely disappointed with Loveita and her decisions, but after watching her play last week, this is not the most shocking conclusion. The POV is being played and things can definitely get crazier given how mad Loveita is at Tim…And one thing is for sure, with her in the house playing Big Brother, we really can expect the unexpected!!

As an aside, given the conversations today, I am 99.99% sure that the edit this week will revolve around the idea that Loveita is trying to get all of the girls out of the house… although it is impossible for her to actually work with any of those girls and many of those girls’ main targets are also girls… The talk of the house is “Why is Loveita targeting girls,” so we have that to look forward to!

eyeroll 3.gif


Thanks for reading!

(PS, normally I insert screenshots from the feeds, but going back to particular conversations/dates and times is very hard with these feeds, so you had to suffer through animated gifs. SOWWY! )



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