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Hey, it’s Cyber Monday, so…

12Hey guys! Today is Cyber Monday and I have been trying to up my “promotions” game and promote my wares on days where sites are giving great discounts. Today, Zazzle is doing a discount of up to 65% and I wanted to showcase some of the pieces I have recently added. You can get a sneak peek by scrolling down this page. To visit my store, click here. You may want to sort by “NEWEST” to find the new stuff easier – yea, I know, DUH. To take advantage of the discount I spoke of, you will want to use code: ZAZCYBER2014

I hope that you all find some stuff that you like. If you see an image on one thing, that you would like to have placed on another, let me know and I will make the item for you. You can tweet me at @KraziliaLove!

krazidecorThese will make some great gifts for the holidays!

Thank you stopping by and I hope that you all have a great week! See you @ the twitter!


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