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Utopia is gone, but I have my first Licensing Deal!

Yes, Utopia has come to an end. We all saw the writing on the wall, but still were hopeful that by some miracle, the show would survive just a little bit longer. It was not meant to be, however. We can all sit back and name a thousand things that should have been done, but as the saying goes…. One cannot unring a bell! What is done, is done. C’est la vie and uh, que sera sera, etc etc..

To be honest, I can count on one hand how many people I actually liked in Utopia. A lot of the personalities were grating and annoying, others were infuriating and frustrating. In the end, I found myself watching the Live Feeds less and less. Part of it was because I did not want to become any more attached to the feeds, but a bigger part of it was that I just did not like a lot of the people, on a human level.

I do wish them all well, however. I hope that they all take away lessons about themselves from this experience. I hope that they do not just watch the show, but also the videos on YouTube, and places like, so that they can get an idea of how the world sees them… So that they can get an understanding that it is not just the way that editing made them look, it was their own actions, through unfiltered lenses, that people responded to.

Of them all, I hope that Bella seeks out professional help the most; although Bri can use it as well. IF Bella is really who she was in Utopia, she needs help desperately. The problem with mental health issues is that oftentimes those who are ill are in denial about their illness. Nothing from Bella shows me that she has the introspection necessary to realize that she is the common denominator in all of her failed relationships, be it friendships, family relationships, or  love interests. SHE needs to work on herself. It is not that the world is against her, it is that the world is exhausted by her. Just look at how fast she wore down James.

Bye Utopia! Thank you for showing the world that Utopia can never exists as long as human nature, mental illness, and diverging ideals get in the way. And, really, wouldn’t life be boring if we ALL saw the world the same way?


On to better news…

Last week I got my first licensing deal for use of some of my artwork. I am a budding textile designer, and really got into this for the purpose of making my own silk scarves. With start up costs being as they are, I decided to look into art licensing to see if that would help me to save up for my scarf line. The deal is with LightInTheBox Limited (which, to be honest, I was not familiar with until I got this deal). I am very excited as I never expected it to happen!

I told a couple of peeps I would post some of my designs here, so here goes. These are only some of my designs, as I have hundreds. These pics are pics I have readily available in low resolution. My style kind of ranges all of the place like the true Gemini that I am!

I do not proclaim to be the next Van Gogh or anything, so be gentle. 😀  Here goes…



Low Res

You can see many more of my designs at my Zazzle shop that I have set up if you click here, though!


Here are a couple of new designs I have started on:



Thanks for reading guys! I guess we are on Live Feed hiatus until Big Brother Cananda 3 in the Winter. I CANNOT WAIT!

Meanwhile, I will be making snarky comments through the fall TV season, so I will still be on the Twitter. Follow me here @KraziliaLove.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your evening; keep warm!


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