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Thank You Hex


Hex has moved me to finally make my first post in regards to the series, Utopia, and it is all about religious beliefs. Yay!

For some reason, Hex has been on a tear about her beliefs about God… or rather, about her LACK of beliefs about God. It first really started last night when someone suggested that they pray aloud before dinner. A rather innocuous request, given the country that we live in. Hex did not take too kindly to the request and proceeded to get all up in her feelings about it.

Tonight, things heated up again and it led to a discussion between Josh, Hex and Taylor. I posted the following, at Utopia Madness, in regards to the exchange; particularly, Hex’s position:

Hex’s arrogance and ignorance was on full display tonight. I have to keep reminding myself that she is a very young woman and she has a lot to learn about respecting the beliefs of others. She, simply, is not well versed, nor articulate, enough about religion to put together persuasive arguments about how she feels. She also does not have the emotional maturity to put aside her disdain for religion enough to consider how others feel.

I, myself, am an agnostic who leans more towards the belief that there is no god rather than the belief that there is one. In the end, my official answer is that, “I don’t know.” For me, I am not arrogant enough to believe that I know everything about the way that world and our universe works. Yes, to MY mind, The Big Bang Theory IS more logical and has 10000x more supporting evidence than the bible ever will.  For me, I do not feel as if my brain will ever allow me to believe that there is a god, but that does not give me the right to make others who DO believe there is a god feel like crap in return. I RESPECT others’ beliefs.

I RESPECT, and sometimes even envy, the fact that there are millions of people, the world over, who have faith that there is a higher power, regardless of how that belief manifests itself; ie, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. I recognize that as their individual right as a human being. Can I sit here and give a million reasons why I think that they are wrong? Of course, I can. They can give me a million reasons as to why I am wrong as well. But, ultimately, the likelihood that either of us will change the others opinion is slim to none.

What Hex needs to realize is that people have the right to their beliefs and she is in no position to take that away from them. I find it equally as arrogant/insulting when someone, who is an atheist, proclaims that they have the moral high ground, as I do when a person of faith does it. I understand Hex’s frustration, because we do live in a Christian country and people who do not believe in God ARE judged harshly for it. I live in the south and not one single solitary person in my life knows that I claim the title of agnostic, so I get it. The problem is that, as an atheist, she is no better when she treats people of faith as poorly as she has been treated.

Yes, we all believe that we are right. Duh, obvi! But, the only thing that we, as agnostics and atheists, can do (and should do, imo) is ask for others to respect our beliefs. That is what I believe all of our goals should be, regardless of our beliefs. Respect that we each are individuals who have the RIGHT to our own beliefs and we have our own reasons feeling as we do. I think if we can somehow manage to do that, as a society, we would be one step closer to….

Dare I say it?


The most fascinating thing about Hex’s position is the power she believes she wields in destroying the faith of others. She made several comments about why she did not debate or discuss the topic with Pastor Jonathan. In a nutshell, she said she did not want to ruin his faith, nor the faith of his congregants. She believes that the knowledge, scientific facts, she wields could possibly, single-handedly, take down an entire congregation; and that’s just not fair to them!

Hex, sweetie… You did not invent Atheism.

(I mean, come on… tell me that this does not remind you of when #BB16 Frankie claimed that he was the first man the vast majority of Americans had seen in drag. Like, really?)

Hex… Christians know that there are non-believers out there; they have heard your arguments before. Some have even made fun of those arguments from the pulpit. Here is the thing that you are missing – Religion, at its essence, is faith base; religious faith, at its essence, is the belief in what one may not be able to see, taste or touch, but still know exists. That is not something that you can overcome that with a million science books.

I appreciate Hex’s passion and, again, I get her frustration about how atheists are treated. Atheists cannot run for office, unless they masquerade as a believer. Atheists are thought to be without a moral compass. Atheists are simply not valued in our society as people who can actually make the world a better place. While it is “safer” for the common person to admit that they do not believe in God, it is still a very touchy subject in our society. Hex is clearly coming from a place where she is on the defensive because of this treatment, and I understand it. The problem is that, as long as she is in that place, she will never be able to have a calm, rational discussion about the topic.

Reiterating, people just need to learn that we are all different and accept that. Accept that PERHAPS this is ALL by design, regardless of if we are here because a God put us here, because of the Big Bang Theory or a combination of both. The world would surely be incredibly less interesting for this Gemini if we were all the same. I mean, what would I blog about then? About how awesome it is that everyone agrees with me? Pfft…

The day that we learn to celebrate our differences, instead of hold our differences against one another, is the day that …

(I am going to say it again!)

… we reach MY Utopia!


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