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Big Brother 16 MVP: Wil Heuser

Yes, I am dedicating an entire entry to none other than the fantabulous Wil Heuser! Something in my soul will not allow my entry on Victoria to be the last entry of Big Brother 16. I need to go out with something fun and FANTASTABLE; and Wil is it!!

Confession (yes, another one): I did not watch Big Brother 14! The only thing I know about Wil is what I have read online and what I have seen of him during his splendiferously (splendiferous is actually a word!) entertaining EPIC Big Brother saga on the YouTube. I discovered these videos last season, during a time when we ALL needed a good laugh. Somehow, he made racism, homophobia and general, all-around bigotry, HILARIOUS.

For me, as a feedster, Wil made Big Brother 15/16 IMMENSELY more entertaining than it would have been were I left to depend solely on what was happening in the house. While for entirely different reasons, both of these seasons needed a dose of comic relief. Thank the BB Gawds for Wil Heuser!

The way that Wil truly embodies these people is nothing short of amazing. If you are a Big Brother fan with a healthy sense of humor, then you have been missing out if you have not been watching these videos!

Tomorrow Wil will release the final episode of the epic saga that was Big Brother 16, and I cannot wait! For now, check out some of my favorite videos, from Big Brother 15 & 16, below.

T H E  E P I C  S A G A  O F  B I G  B R O T H E R 15

In episode 5 of The Saga, Amanda gives McCrae a saucy strip-tease; the KKK celebrates Aaryn’s HOH victory.

In episode 10 of The Saga, Amanda and Aaryn are Double Eliminated – and perform musical numbers inspired by Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus!

In the finale, the epic saga of Big Brother 15 comes to an end.

T H E  E P I C  S A G A  O F  B I G  B R O T H E R  16

In episode 1 of the EPIC saga of Big Brother 16, we are introduced to the new cast.

Episode 3 of The Saga is all about BB16’s problem with douchebags.

In this Frozen inspired episode, Amber is on the run from an onesie-wearing,  shotgun-wielding, obsessed stalker!

 Oh, no! Zach is evicted. (lol)

Donny is evicted because, “He’s a doctor, he’s a spy, wears his socks too high, he’s a military guy…”


In my most FAVORITEST Saga video of all time, Wil takes on 20 different characters in the Show that Never Ends. Appearances by Janelle, Dan, and Jesus!

There you have it, my favorite Epic Saga videos of all time – I will add the finale tomorrow when it is released.

To see the complete season of Big Brother 15: The Saga, click here. To see Big Brother 16: The Saga, click here.

Until next season…….. (maybe).

T H A N K  Y O U  F O R  R E A D I N G!

I appreciate everyone who has read my blog throughout the season. I will be blogging again for Big Brother Canada, season 3. Like with Big Brother 15, I need Big Brother Canada to help remind me why I love this game. I cannot wait!

Follow me on twitter: @KraziliaLove – Whether you are watching the struggling Utopia with me, or tweeting about other random things, I will enjoy your company!



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