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Breaking Down Amber

This week in the Big Brother house has most likely marked the official death of Amber Borzotra’s Big Brother game; and Caleb could not be more giddy about it! Well, at first…

For weeks, live feeders have watched as Amber has politely declined Caleb’s unwanted advances towards her. Witnessing this has been uncomfortable, at the best, and frightening, at the worst. Either way, many are relieved that Amber will be leaving the house this week for her own emotional, mental, and perhaps even physical well-being. While I feel bad that she won’t make it to jury, at least she will not be stuck in that house with Caleb, whose ultimate goal was to live out  an elaborate fantasy which saw him and Amber becoming much closer. In his mind, once they reached the jury house, their relationship would become more… intimate, in some regard.

The truth is that the entitlement of Caleb has been painting Amber into a corner since he first laid eyes on her, at the airport, during the casting process. Caleb has stated that he prayed to God, and to production, that Amber would be put in the house just for him; and she was. Caleb’s rationale is that Amber was cast all due to him; therefore, she owes her entire game to him.

It is like that old saying with him, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.” Caleb was hellbent on taking Amber out if she did not “learn her place” in the Big Brother house and come running to him apologizing, begging for his forgiveness. After all, as logic dictates, her life in the Big Brother house is quite literally at his fingertips; “supposably.” If Amber wants Beastmode Cowboy to save her, yet again, she better fall in line and do whatever is demanded of her, and fast!

After being manipulated, by the other male members of his alliance, into believing that Amber is the most horrible tease of a woman that has ever walked the planet, Caleb enlisted the aid of resident dickwad, Douchebag Extraordinaire Zach Rance, to aid him in putting Amber where she belongs; beneath his thumb. Caleb spent hours telling Zach just how he should berate, belittle and humiliate Amber during the POV Ceremony. Douchebag being Douchebag, he was more than happy to comply. He would do whatever he could to help break Amber’s spirit because that’s what allies do for one another in Big Brother house.

“Disgusted” cannot even begin to encapsulate the way I felt listening to Caleb’s misogyny-laced tirade; a tirade that the rest of his faux alliance was more than happy to further inflame. The more they fed his irrational anger towards Amber, the more it intensified. Keep in mind that these are the same people who spent weeks telling him that Amber was interested in him. After they were done entertaining  Caleb’s delusions, they used his infatuation with Amber as strategy to hammer away at his already fragile mental state. They hammered away until they successfully turned Caleb against his very own obsession; Amber. At the end of it all, he believed that putting Amber on the block was all his idea; not wise enough to realize that he had just been duped. 

In Caleb’s mind, it all made perfect sense that, if he put Amber on the block, she would have no choice but to talk to him and beg for his help and forgiveness. His fantasy told him that Amber would run crying into his arms, saying, “Oh, please Beastmode Cowboy! PLEASE SAVE ME!’  It did not cross his deranged mind that Amber would see this as a betrayal and that it would actually only PUSH  her further away.

Giddy about sticking it to Amber post POV meeting, Caleb sat in the Beehive Room, bible in hand, eager to read verse after verse about how God probably really does not like her right now. Caleb sat there awaiting the moment that he could rub in Amber’s face that he is the one with all of the power in their relationship. Of course, as with most fantasies, it was never going to play out as he imagined. One conversation with Amber told him that he was set up. Instantly, that fantasy of her crawling on her knees and begging for forgiveness was dead. (And, yes, he said that he wanted her to crawl to him.) Needless to say, he felt stupid and ended up apologizing to her in the end. The best thing about this, from his standpoint, is that there was still hope of winning her over. His chances of being with Amber was just on life support, not yet dead… Not yet.

The conclusion?

After spending the better part of the day trying to save Amber, actually breaking down into tears several times, it got back to Caleb that Amber stated that he was now her target because he was ruining her game.

Caleb was livid once he learned that Amber was out to get him. Actually, livid is probably putting it mildly. He was whatever you would get were you to mix livid, incensed, outraged, and irate with just a dash of infuriated. After storming out of the HOH room like a mad bull, he soon returned ready to get Amber out of the house once and for all.

Caleb’s anger led to him wanting to spend the night “pranking” Amber by smashing a banana (which she hates) into her face; by throwing a pot of water and flour in her face; by picking her up and throwing her in the pool. I am sure that if he had some wadded up candy wrappers, he would have been happy to pelt her with them, as well. After all, he’s done that one before.

This trend of wanting to physically and maliciously attack Amber in some way, when he is angry with her, has not been lost on me. Although these things will not physically cause her serious harm, it is alarming that the first thing he wants to do is launch a physical attack. If that is what he is willing to say/do in front of the cameras, one can only wonder what he would say and do off camera.

ATEOTD (come on, think about it, you’ll get it), Caleb has shown the world that it is either all love or all hate with him. There is nothing in between. While it is perfectly logical and REASONABLE for Amber to be upset with him, he feels like he should be totally absolved of the role he played in getting her on the block – ruining her game.  Since she does not feel that way, it is all hate and she has got to go.

Tomorrow night, Amber will be evicted from the Big Brother house and soon learn that she should be grateful for it. When evicted, in a final act of chivalry, with equally as chivalrous men (one of which has a daughter of his own) encouraging him, Caleb has planned to interrupt Julie in an effort to castigate and humiliate Amber one last time before she walks out of the door. While I hope that production emphatically states that he cannot do that, a small part of me would love for the show-only viewers to see just how nasty he is. 

While it is unfortunate that she was placed in this position, there is nothing she can do to turn back time and change it. It appears that Amber has a loving, supportive family and that they will be there to help cushion the blow when she learns how everyone in the house really feels about her. She will be able to take comfort in knowing that it was mostly irrational and personal on the parts of some, and game on the parts of others. The comfort comes in knowing that she was not the problem. It was them and their jealousy and sense of entitlement. She never had a chance.

Amber has many fans who have her back. Fans who were emotionally impacted by witnessing how she was treated while she has been nothing but nice, respectful and caring of her fellow houseguests. Even non-fans have managed to empathize with her on some level.

I know she won’t see this, but I will put it out into the universe anyway:

I support you Amber  and I wish nothing but the best for your future. Do not let a few rotten apples sway you from being the sweet, warm and giving person that you are. I have joked that this experience has taught me that being a nice person is a waste and that I might as well remain the bitch that I am today; at least then the poor treatment would be warranted!

All kidding aside, we need people like you to show us that there is still good in the world and that, when someone is nice, it does not mean that they are disingenuous or fake. You are a good-hearted person and there is nothing wrong with that. Sadly, some people do not know how to react to kindness and are far too miserable in their own lives to accept it.

I am not sure how far you would have made it in that house, but you were definitely dealt a bad hand and no one should go through what you went through. Through it all, you handled it with dignity and grace and, ATEOTD, that is all that matters.

Best wishes to you!

Update: Overnight, Caleb’s rage towards Amber subsided when faced with the reality that “his Princess-Queen” would really be leaving the Big Brother house. He decided to craft her a gift where he placed two pickles inside of a banana and tied it together with dental floss. This… item is supposed to be a metaphor for their relationship, and what she sees when she looks at him. On the outside, he is scarred and bruised, just like the bruises on the banana, but when she opens it up, she will find something she loves – Pickles! Yes, Crayleb says he is the pickle and Amber will love him. This, you cannot make up.

Read Caleb’s full Pickles in the Banana explanation via Jokers by clicking here.

Amber, you are better off outside of the house, sweetie. You really are!

In other news, we will soon be asked to vote for Team America’s next task. Now that Team America’s favorite punching bag is going home, who will they target next? Participate in the poll by clicking here!

Thanks for the read, guys! Would love to hear your comments, or tweet me at @KraziliaLove.


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