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The Disappointment that is Christine & Nicole: Is the Female Superfan a Myth?

Long time viewers of Big Brother know that, twists and other producer-driven shenanigans aside, the foremost, long-running theme of an average Big Brother season is the dominance of The Male Alliance. So, when fans read the bios and watched the interviews of self-professed superfans, Christine and Nicole, the last thing we expected was for them to fall right in line with the same tactic that has been the downfall of many Big Brother female favorites over the last decade and a half. But, fall they did; and, hard.

It is difficult to pinpoint the strategy Christine and Nicole are attempting to execute. Many have found themselves questioning their motivation. Why are they working against their own self-interests? Somewhat of an argument can be made that they felt that the other girls in the house were not knowledgeable enough about Big Brother to work with. My counter to that argument is that a savvy player would manage to use this to their advantage.

Ideally, a female superfan would have gone into that house and tried to do what Joey did, but would have been much slicker about it. No, we are not going to stand around in a bathroom, clumped together like we are waiting for each other to pee at da club. We are not going to talk about starting an All-Girl Alliance a couple of days into the season without getting at least a little understanding about how each person operates. It is too obvious and on the nose. You have to work people over in smaller groups and one on one. It needs to be spread out a bit so people are not able to run back to one another right away to compare notes.


Ideally, the Female Superfan would begin first by planting seeds into the minds of those female recruits. She would tell them, just in passing of course, that girls never beat guys at the end; that never, in the history of Big Brother US, has a girl won over a guy in the Finale Two. The Female Superfan would speak about how “funny” it is that the guys always group up together to run the house, and start picking off the girls before they even know what is happening. Maybe she would even sneak in just a hint of reverse psychology and state that Big Brother can never manage to cast enough females who are smart enough to group up together, even if they don’t like each other. She would then hammer home the fact that they need each other for votes, because the guys are ALL about the Bros before Hoes on Big Brother; and, always will be.

The Female Superfan would go on to (in passing, of course) hip those female recruits to the game of guys preying on girls’ emotions in order to manipulate them into doing whatever they want them to do. She would cite instances and examples of it happening on the show in the past. She would plant those seeds so that, when the guys start to flirt with them, and telling them what is best for their game, maybe they will think twice and ask themselves, “Just how is this best for my game?” or, better yet, “Didn’t the Female Superfan tell me that this would happen? Oh yea, cute boy with the chin dimple, I am on to you!”

In short, the Female Superfan would mindfuck the hell out of those clueless, Big Brother virgins. She would be popping cherries left and right.

When Christine and Amber were approached to join the already formed Bomb Squad, so-called superfan, Christine should have set her gears into motion. I mean, after all, was The Brigade’s season the only season she did not watch?

Yes, when Devin invited Christine in, she should have told Nicole about it much sooner and they should have Female Superfanned their brains together, devised a plan and started to talk about how the guys were taking over the house to all of the other girls. The Female Superfan, the real female superfan, would have taken that cue and got those recruits in line; and she would have used Donny and Hayden as their male buffers. Superfan Nicole needed to turn Hayden into her McCrae!

The Female Superfan, of my dreams, would not have been content to coast with a large group of guys as a cover. She would not think only of her short term game, and nothing of her long term game. The Female Superfan would have never been shocked to see that she was nominated, alongside three other girls. Not shocked at all, when three out of four of the previously evicted houseguests were also girls; and the majority of the nominees have been, as well. The Female Superfan would have seen it coming a mile away and fret over the fact that there are only five remaining female houseguests because she would know that her time is coming up soon.

In reality, our #BB16 female superfans are not doing any of that. They are excited for Amber to leave. They hate Victoria, especially Nicole because Victoria hangs all over Hayden. Jocasta – well, she is harmless and not a threat because she is married and not “hot” and does not win anything, anyway. Besides, she will definitely leave before them, so…

From what we have seen, ultimately, Christine and Nicole will be content with being the last girl(s) standing. Nicole gets annoyed by even being asked to play the game in some capacity. She just wants to be left out of it. Wha? Their ambition does not seem to lie very far ahead of the top six or seven. Someone please tell me, how does any of that make them superfans?

Don’t get me wrong. I know that all of this is easier said than done, that a lot of this depends on the dynamics of the house when you are amongst the houseguests, as a whole. My problem is that this has not even been attempted by the Superfan Duo. Even after Nicotine (Nicole and Christine) were nominated, they went right back to the strategy of being okay that all of the girls are being targeted and giving the guys ammo to get the other girls out. Huh? But, you know that you have a vagina too, right?

There has been no real, meaningful discussions about the fact that the girls are being evicted by the super duper superfans. They have not sat down to muse about their obviously short lifespan, given that there will be only four girls remaining after this week. They have not asked one another, “If the plan was to make sure to keep Frankie HOH, why could they not have nominated Hayden and Derrick? Surely, they would have had no problem beating Victoria and Jocasta!” Maybe if they would ask themselves that, they would see that the answer is that none of the guys are willing to risk their Big Brother lives – but they are perfectly okay with risking the girls.

When a girl comes off the block, a girl is going to go up. What happens if 2 guys win HOH this week – if there are still two HOHs – will four girls go on the block with Donny as a backup nom in case one of the 2 girls win POV? Which of the guys, that they all love, is going to go up in their stead?

What is Christine and Nicole’s strategy? Which of the guys do they think they will be picked over, when it is just down to those two? Will they even last longer than Victoria?

At this rate, if Christine and/or Nicole get anywhere near the Final 2, it will be solely for the purpose of having someone who is easy to beat next to the guy who will ultimately be crowned winner of Big Brother 16. As it stands, there is no girl in that house that can beat any of the guys who are left. Even Donny has a better chance of beating them, although he is even more on the outs than they are with the main crew!

Nicole and Christine are both on the guys’ radars as the next strongest girls to take out. When it happens, they probably will still think that it was best to get out all of the other girls first. Clearly, they are not playing to win. You know, like all true, actual superfans. What a pity.

What is your ideal female superfan? Let me know! Can tweet me @KraziliaLove or post in the comments here! Thanks for reading!

Update August 17, 2016: Guess what? NICOLE STILL SUCKS!



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