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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale: A Brutal End (Spoiler Alert)

I, like millions of other Sons of Anarchy fans, had waited all season to see how things would pan out with Jax and Tara. Will Jax take out the mother of his own children ,for her betrayal, although she is the one stable force in his life? Or, would his love for her win out in the end?

jax and tara sons of anarchy
No Happy Ending in Charming

In the end, love won, but it still was not enough to save Tara’s life.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can admit that all season had been leading up to Tara’s death, so that in and of itself could not come as a shock. However, I was shocked that they would let Gemma be the one to take her out, as well as by the sheer, overall brutality of it all. I knew that Jax would never kill Tara because he loves her and (theoretically) he has the ability to recognize that what Tara wanted to do is PROTECT their boys. Any GOOD mother (read: not a mother like Gemma) would do that, regardless of the mistakes they made to end up in that situation in the first place.

Personally, I was #teamtara all season, despite the blowback from most fans because Tara’s character was the only rational adult on the scene. Anyone who says that they would not try to get their children away from a dangerous gang that has enemies cruel enough to blow up their entire home base, FULL of innocent people, should not have children. Please, report yourself to CPS right now, if you do.

This is why this season, in general, left me uneasy. Tara’s storyline was clearly written to make the fans hate her so that by the end of the season,people would WANT her dead. The thing is… I think they probably took it too far. Most would have been okay with Tara simply leaving. With or without the boys. But, that would not have been enough of a bang, so… Like I said, I had
expectations that this would be the end for her character. While the brutal slaying was bad enough, what I really had a problem with is how we ended up at “the end.” Too much “dumb” had to occur to get there.

Tara being hesitant on turning on the club was realistic enough, but if I was scared for my life, I wouldn’t meet anyone in public, so close to home. Especially if that someone is my lawyer and could easily be tailed. That meeting in the park didn’t need to take place. She could have confirmed over the phone, or even via email (hell even FAX) that the deal the DA was making was legit.

Then you have Unser. I can’t tell if he is clueless, blind, or flat out insidious. He went to Gemma and told her that Tara had made a deal with the DA. What did he think her reaction would be? I don’t know if he knew the details of this “deal” but it doesn’t matter. Gemma made it clear that she wanted to leave to go “handle” the situation and Unser made the most half-hearted attempts to stop her from doing so.

“My truck is blocking you in…”
“You can’t drive in this state… Remember last time?”
“Oh, you need me to go get your heart meds? OK, let me leave the keys to my truck on the table and go get them.”

To top it off, even though he KNEW Gemma was mad at Tara, and that she was terrified about Tara taking down the club, he was not remotely worried when she took off in his truck. He just lazed about town like it was any other day. I mean, did his cancer spread to his brain? How wasn’t Tara’s safety the FIRST thing he thought about when Gemma, in her altered mental state, left? Wasn’t he a cop at some point?

This makes me think that he wanted her to “take care of the problem,” because he’s just so enamored with Gemma. So in love with a woman who won’t ever see him the same way. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for her. So, is it that he didn’t want her to go through the pain of losing her son to prison? Or, has he just really gotten slow in his old age?

I imagine that these things will be answered next season, to some degree. I also imagine that Gemma won’t finally really face the consequences of her actions until the last season of the show. And, those consequences may not even involve her dying. Sometimes living with what you have done is worse than death, itself. As for right now, thought,  it’s quite frustrating that Juice was there to help cover up her crime.

There is always a man to play Cap’n Savaho when it comes to Gemma… and, for the life of me, I don’t know why anyone loves this woman. Nero seems to have finally come to his senses, though… The club has been nothing but bad news since they crashed into his life. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out next year.

Yes, I will be watching next season. I have mostly enjoyed this show for 6 years. Life doesn’t always pan out the way we want it to, and in that sense, this season finale held true to that. I do have a pet peeve for shows that move plot lines along by making characters do painfully stupid things, so hopefully this thing with Unser was insidiousness vs dumbness. As bad as that sounds.

SAMCRO: Taking 99% while giving 1%. Like Breaking Bad, this show does a good job of showing people why they SHOULD NOT go into a life of crime.

Until next year…


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