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Big Brother: New Houseguests vs Old Houseguests

It’s the age old question that has been bounced around the Big Brotherverse since the dawning of time… Scholarly peoples from scholarly lands, near and far, far and wide, high and low, have suffered many a sleepless night mulling over but one simple question:

New Houseguests or Old?

Yes, we all have our own opinions on what Big Brother should and should not be. Should the game start fresh, each year, with a virgin cast aching for their cherries to be popped (go away Spencer); OR, should we revert back to the tried and true houseguests of yesteryear with their superior strategies of mass destruction?

Yea, so… I don’t even know what any of that means… being melodramatic is tough… Oooops! I forgot to tell you that you should read the first two paragraphs as if you were Gandalf the Grey! My bad!

Anyway… Many have used Big Brother 15 as concrete evidence that new houseguests should be forbidden from entering the Land O’ Big Brotherverse! Or, at the very least, they should not be permitted without very strict supervision. Maybe there is something to that…


Personally, I think the BIG problem with this year’s BIG BROTHER cast wasn’t that they were all new houseguests. I think it was that there were far too many immature and superficial people who had NO CLUE how to play the game. Hell, most of them didn’t even have basic common sense, intuition or the verbal skills necessary to make persuasive arguments. Also, playing too hard, too fast got the best of a number of them, and likely led to players with good potential being evicted much earlier than they would have been otherwise. See: The Moving Company. Smart players, who are FANS of the game, would not have made such rookie mistakes. Oh wait; there is McCrae to shoot that argument dead in the foot. HI, MCCRAE! ::sighs::

Still, I do think that if maybe everyone was at least a “semi-superfan,” it would have been more fun to watch and more about THE GAME, PLAYING THE GAME, and GAMEPLAY, etc. The houseguests spending so much time bashing people, for no good reason, was just not a fun experience for live feeders. It was genuinely infuriating listening to such deeply personal attacks. One would think that it would be common sense… you know, that whole “you get back what you put out,” thing… but… see the paragraph above. ::sighs… again::

Lack of overall diversity – another BIG problem with BIG BROTHER. This year, there were a bunch of 20-somethings (and a 30-something who THINKS she is a 20-something, but ACTS tweens-something) coupling up like they were on The Real World. They did not have their heads in the game at all. There were so many things that people should have caught onto (one of those “things” being ANDY), but they were so caught up in their fauxmances and their ignorant trash-talking, BS and bigotry that they didn’t have time to bother with that whole “observing what’s going on around me,” thing. For instance, had McCrae not spent 90% of his time underneath Amanda’s thumb, perhaps he would have realized that Andy was not on his side anymore.

Speaking of Amanda, it really didn’t help that three of the women in the house suffer from full blown personality disorders. I’ll let you guess the other two.  😀 Those women were quite effective in making sure that it would be impossible for the women to ever work together. (El and Amanda working together at the end was too little, too late.)

Ultimately, this year’s cast seemed to have been cast based upon camera appeal. A bunch of TV Presenter wannabes, really… (And, that pains me to say about the people I actually liked in the house. but really, if your goal was to go on Big Brother so that you could start a career in the entertainment industry, actual game play probably wasn’t a top priority and that ended up showing in people’s general, overall ability to strategize and make good game moves.)

::siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs:: Anyway…

A lot went into making Big Brother 15 the most unsavory season in the history of all Big Brothers across all the lands, near and far, wide and narrow, tall and short, etc… I guess we’ll see what CBS decides to do next year. Until then…………


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